CO-POWER at Community Energy Fortnight 2015

9 September 2015
London, United Kingdom

The EU-funded CO-POWER project is organising a free workshop during the UK's Community Energy Fortnight 2015, which takes place from 5 - 20 September. The Fortnight is an opportunity to explore how communities across the UK are generating, owning and saving energy.

This event (together with a second one that will take place in Poland this winter) is part of the current effort of focusing on capacity building and in engaging local governments in coalitions outside of the CO-POWER's project countries.

The workshop will take a detailed look at how local governments can tackle community energy through setting up energy service companies (ESCOs). Local decision-makers, council planners, local government associations / networks and energy agencies are invited to participate.

Among the topics under discussion will be how and why a local government should invest in community energy, how an ESCO can be set up, what the barriers are and how they can be addressed, and how to secure funding.

The agenda of the day is available here below for you to download.

For more information and to register, contact