30th Breakfast at Sustainability's

How School Meals Can Drive Local and Regional Change

9 October 2019, 11:15 - 13:00
Brussels, Belgium- European Committee of the Regions (CoR) - Rue Belliard / Belliardstraat 99, 1000 Brussels, Room JDE 62

Case studies show that investing €1 in sustainable school meals can bring up to €6 in social return on investment. Given this fact, imagine the impact of sustainable school meals all across Europe!

Discussing school meals enables an exploration of sustainable food procurement, and questions such as: How can sustainable food procurement be linked with strategic policies or climate change actions? And, how can public procurement issues related to purchasing "local & regional food" be overcome?

Join the interactive 30th edition of B@S on 9 October 2019 to engage further on these issues. The session will showcase good practices and discuss stronger support within EU policies such as EU procurement legislation and the CAP reform (food procurement for regional value capturing).

The event will include inspiring speakers from South Tyrol (Italy), Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), the Organic Cities Network Europe, and EU Institutions. It will take place during the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019.

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