ICLEI World Congress 2012

14 - 17 June 2012
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The ICLEI World Congress 2012 brought together ICLEI Members, partners, global strategists, businesses, academics and NGOs. Key themes included the Green Urban Economy and Local Governance and Leadership for Sustainable Development. ICLEI Members sent a strong message on local government action to the Rio+20 Conference. Urban Nature (13-14 June) was a pre-event to the World Congress on the topic of Urban Biodiversity and Food Security, attracting around 200 participants.

The ICLEI World Congress targets all ICLEI members, and is an especially relevant event for mayors and high-ranking officials, as well as technical experts on a whole range of topics, including low-carbon development, biodiversity, resource efficiency and many more. Closely linked to the UN Rio+20 Conference, the event charted the way forward for local governments and their partners to a more sustainable and prosperous future.