23rd Breakfast at Sustainability's

How to develop and achieve a lively and car-free city centre

4 May 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The City of Oslo (Norway) and ICLEI held the 23rd Breakfast at Sustainability's (B@S) on Thursday 4 May 2017 in Brussels (Belgium) on the topic of creating attractive car-free city centres.

Truly sustainable cities continuously strive to maximise the quality of life of their citizens. However, many European cities face serious air pollution and congestion, as well as issues related to keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe from car traffic. How can we free city centres from cars and still ensure lively and thriving city centres?

This event drew on experiences from Barcelona (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Brussels (Belgium) and Birmingham (UK) and explored the dos and don'ts of how to develop attractive, car-free city centres.

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To view Barcelona's presentation on Superblocks, click here. For other presentations from the event, click on the links below.