Local Renewables 2016

Energising the smart city and region

26 - 28 October 2016
Freiburg (Germany) & Basel (Switzerland)

Global energy needs are set to increase by around 40 percent by 2030. In response, the EU's Energy Union has recognised the importance of giving cities and regions a central role, making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable. European cities are searching for innovative ways of meeting energy demands, whilst responding to citizen needs. Smart technologies are increasingly considered as effective solutions to improve citizens’ quality of life while addressing the EU’s climate and energy ambitions.

Energy provision and usage are core elements in the move towards a smart city. But can a smart city also be a sustainable city? What role can, and should, smart technologies play in the search for improved energy efficiency and quality of life in urban areas?

What are the opportunities and limitations of new technologies for urban energy transformation? And what is the role of social innovation and citizen engagement? These topics will be at the heart of the discussion at the Local Renewables Conference 2016.

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