Visualizing Energy

Photo Exhibition

19 - 23 June 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The public information campaign Visualizing Energy highlights the human dimension of the energy transition, showcasing workers in action on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around Europe and beyond. The aim is to raise awareness among citizens and policy-makers of the potential of green growth.

ICLEI will contribute to the exhibition with pictures from our Members, who are paving the way towards smarter, more resilient cities: Freiburg (Germany), Cascais (Portugal), Stockholm (Sweden), and Umeå (Sweden).

One picture depicts Lisa Enarsson, Assistant Project Manager for the smart city project GrowSmarter from the City of Stockholm. Ms Enarsson believes that renewable energies will create cleaner, more livable cities.

Ana Rodrigues, from Cascais Ambiente (Portugual), is pictured working with children. "Through my energy education work in local schools, I am shaping the city planners of tomorrow,” said Ms Rodrigues. Cascais is part of the THERMOS project.

A picture from Freiburg shows the production process of photovoltaic modules in the M10 Solar Campus.

The last picture sees Carina Aschan from Umeå standing proudly in the University campus area. A lighthouse city in the RUGGEDISED smart city project, Umeå has an ambitious target of 100 percent renewable energy in the university innovation district.

Visualizing Energy will start on 19 June during the European Sustainable Energy week and will remain in Brussels (Belgium) throughout the summer.

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