Speed up the energy transition by raising social acceptance

EUSEW Policy Conference Session

19 June 2019, 09:00 - 10:30
Brussels, Belgium- European Commission

This session will offer a platform to explore how to bring on board all Europeans as active drivers for change in the energy landscape.

Join us to discuss:

  • how the increase in social acceptance of renewable energy sources (RES) in communities across Europe can be decisive in securing a more sustainable implementation of the EU’s medium- and long-term strategies, and of the objectives of the Paris Agreement.
  • how social acceptance can be fostered, and what socio-political, socio-environmental, and socio-economic incentives can maximise the impacts of citizens’ engagement in delivering the energy transition.
  • how social acceptance can support the implementation of the Energy Union by generating innovation in energy systems and in the market, and by fostering more sustainable and inclusive policies.

Barriers, challenges, as well as pitfalls and risks of a shift from a logic of large-scale infrastructure and investments to one that favours active participation by the many and a decentralised energy system will be discussed.

A research-focused introduction to set the scene will be followed by a panel discussion; these will focus on social acceptance of RES and local benefits, respectively. Speakers representing different positions on the topic will be invited on stage to kick-off the discussion.

A series of interventions from the floor will share real-life examples of successful measures undertaken to raise social acceptance, as well as challenges faced.

Since the focus of the session is social acceptance and community engagement, the event calls for a lively debate illustrating a variety of points of view, and interaction among a diverse range of stakeholders.

Please find the full session agenda here.

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