Aligning district energy and building energy renovation

A vision on strategic integrations

24 January 2019, 09:00 - 15:15
Berlin, Germany- Anna - Louisa - Karsch - Straße 2, Fraunhofer Forum, Room Spreepalais

ICLEI Europe partner project Heat Roadmap Europe is organising a workshop on the link between district energy and building renovation and how to align governance in a strategic approach to combine and integrate the two areas.

The workshop will address how to realise innovative district approaches in regions and cities and will feature presentations by the cities of Glasgow, Essen and the Province of Treviso on strategic implementation approaches towards decarbonising districts.

Participants will further be invited to explore Heat Roadmap Europe policy recommendations and guidelines available for all political levels, based on the projects final results on the quantification of the implemenation of energy efficiency on both the demand and supply side of the heating and cooling sector.

A detailed agenda and registration can be found here.