Adaptive Heritage Reuse: policy contexts across Europe

First Open Heritage dialogue

22 September 2020, 13:30

The OpenHeritage project kicks-off its first Dialogue, which will reflect on current adaptive heritage reuse policies in Europe.

Adaptive heritage reuse is becoming more and more popular, it has emerged as a policy aim in several national policy frameworks and in EU governance. OpenHeritage has investigated and mapped heritage reuse policies and governance frameworks in 15 countries across Europe, to understand how different contexts can support or impede adaptive heritage reuse.

What are the good practices and supportive measures the project identified? Which barriers and bottlenecks have been identified? What conditions are essential to facilitate adaptive heritage reuse? What are the heritage reuse-related trends on the European level, and how can the EU better support heritage reuse policies in the future?

Speakers from OpenHeritage, other culture projects, as well as the European Commission will discuss these and many other questions together with all participants of this interactive online workshop. A more detailed agenda will be released when registration opens in the coming weeks.

This Dialogue is a part of the OpenHeritage Dialogue Series which aims to bring relevant stakeholders and multipliers together to discuss key aspects of adaptive heritage policies in Europe, such as stakeholder engagement and governance; and financing and economic sustainability. The series consists of three interactive workshops, each co-organised by one of the OpenHeritage Cooperative Heritage Labs.

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