Procura+ Seminar

Connect-Exchange-Act on sustainable and innovation procurement

12 - 13 October 2022, 08:30 - 16:30
Brussels, Belgium

The 2022 Procura+ Seminar is poised to provide procurement leaders with updates on latest European developments in sustainable, strategic, circular and innovation procurement. As always, this cutting-edge event provides practical support and exchange opportunities for all Procura+ network participants, strategic partners, and experts in the field.

This year's seminar is organised by ICLEI Europe, hosted by the Municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels (Belgium), and carried-out in collaboration with the COACH project (in which ICLEI is a partner). It is an in-person event, open to the Procura+ network members, and to select others (by invitation).

At the core of the 2022 Procura+ Seminar will be Farm to Fork procurement and discussions on collaborative agri-food initiatives anchored in territorial food systems. The seminar will furthermore provide room to connect, exchange, and act on other topics relevant to implementing public procurement. The agenda is driven by Procura+ network participants and is based on their needs.

A highlight of this year's event will be the Procura+ Awards ceremony, at which this year’s winners of Circular Procurement of the Year, Innovation Procurement of the Year, Procurement Initiative of the Year, and Sustainable Procurement of the Year will be announced!

Additional highlights of the seminar include presentations of:

  • Strategic procurement policy developments at the EU level;
  • Schaerbeek’s procurement strategy in times of green recovery and just transition:
  • Inspirational stories from last year’s Procura+ Award winners: and
  • Using strategic public procurement for sustainable food solutions.

Participants will be invited to take part in six "building sessions" covering the topics:

  • How to make public procurement-driven circular economy initiatives more attractive for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Global crises and impacts on sustainability: how can sustainable public procurement help?
  • Climate change mitigation and sustainable public procurement: embedding measurements and verification
  • Structural challenges in public rocurement
  • Public canteens as change makers
  • How to effectively address small farmers: the COACH project’s ambition towards a renewed Farm to Fork strategy

The organisers of the seminar are excited to welcome public procurement professionals from all over Europe in Schaerbeek.