Inspiring Citizen-Driven Action for Nature-Based and Resilient Cities

8 June 2018, 09:00 - 13:00
Brussels, Belgium

How can transformative actions help to preserve nature in cities, strengthen local resilience, and ultimately increase the wellbeing of citizens?

This was one of the questions addressed at a conference with over hundred European participants held at the EESC on Friday 8th June 2018. The successful conference was co-organised by ICLEI and PAN Europe, in partnership with the EESC.

After an energetic welcome of the President of the Sustainable Development Observatory (SDO/EESC) Peter Schmidt, it was Deputy General Director of DG Environment Joanna Drake to illustrate the European Commission's work on Green Cities and outline upcoming policies. She also announced that the topic of next year's Green Week will be how European Green Law is put into practice.

Other speakers included the European Green Capitals of Nijmegen (2018) and Oslo (2019), the Italian town of Malles, the Belgian town of Beauvechain as well as panelists from relevant European networks.

The event concluded with a keynote by Nicolaas Beets, Special Urban Envoy of the Dutch Interior Ministry, who eloquently outlined the EU policy on cities, namely the EU Urban Agenda and its Partnerships on important urban matters.