IUC programme webinar

Integrating Nature-Based Flood Management Into Urban Planning

27 March 2019, 16:00 - 17:30

Water is and has been crucial in designing urban spaces and informing urban planning. Approaches towards flood management have changed over time, with the previous focus being on keeping water out of the city, and the more recent approach turning towards natural water management and integrated strategies for dealing with flood risks and promoting urban resilience.

Crucial to this process of adapting to floods is the knowledge transfer and cross-cultural exchange of best practices in integrated water management amongst cities. It is with this purpose of encouraging inter-city learning that the IUC programme presents the practical experience of three cities in dealing with different kinds of flood risk through nature-based solutions and other innovative measures.

Webinar participants will hear from the City of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), the Municipality of Genoa (Italy), and the City of Rosario (Argentina). An introduction will be provided by Dr. Chris Zevenbergen, Professor for Urban Flood Risk Management, IHE Delft (the Netherlands).

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