Understanding Digital Resilience: Opportunities and Challenges

30 November 2022, 14:00 - 15:30
- Online

Local and regional governments are at the forefront of digital transition. Innovative technologies can help making cities and citizens “smarter”, by utilizing data to build more efficient infrastructure and liveable urban environments, while managing the impact of rapid urbanisation and demographic change, nevertheless, this can also increase cities exposure to systemic risks.

MRCR2030 Digital Resilience webinar series is aimed to develop a journey for exploring the concept of urban resilience from a digital lens, while addressing the challenges and policy implications faced by city administrations and key stakeholders, to understand how well digital technologies can help cities in advancing on their resilience action plans, while exploring the opportunities to advance digital resilience financing mechanisms. In 2021, the European Commission launched an inspiring vision for Europe’s digital transformation in governance, skills, infrastructure and business through the “2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade”. To achieve this vision, MCR2030, whom with ICLEI Europe works in partnership, welcomes you to their first (Webinar 1), setting the scene for the state of the art in Digital Resilience, where cities will share their experiences on how they have been managing digital risks in the face of multi-crisis and hazards, showcasing the impact of growing interconnectedness and interdependencies of our systems, as well as sharing examples of where digital innovations in itself represented an entry point for a disaster risk reduction.