Teaming up for transformation: improving municipal energy management for integrated climate action

18 June 2020, 09:30 - 18:00
Berlin, Germany- VKU Forum, Invalidenstra├če 91

Across Europe, buildings have a major impact on our changing climate, being responsible for about 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. As owners and managers of public buildings, municipalities have great potential to affect energy consumption and reduce emissions – not only through ‘hard’ measures like renovations and technology, but also through fostering systemic change in terms of energy management and usage habits.

It is for this reason that 31 municipalities in eight European countries have teamed up to save energy for the Compete4SECAP project: through implementing Energy Management Systems in nearly 100 public buildings and inspiring behavioural change among thousands of staff and building users.

On Thursday 18 June 2020, join us in Berlin (Germany) to meet representatives from cities in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hungary (including ICLEI Member City Kaposvár), Italy, Latvia and Spain as they share their experience on the benefits of transforming energy management practices. You will also hear about:

  • How to develop and implement an Energy Management System;
  • The do’s and don’ts of running a creative and inspiring energy-saving campaign;
  • How to better integrate action on climate mitigation with adapting to the effects of climate change, in the context of developing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan as supported by the Covenant of Mayors

The event will be followed by an award ceremony and reception, where the best teams will be awarded for their achievements in the following categories:

  • Highest Energy Savings
  • Success in implementing the Energy Management System
  • Best Country

This event is free of charge, but space is limited. To secure your spot, register here.

This event is organised by ICLEI Europe, a Compete4SECAP project partner.