ENABLE Webinar#2

How to create just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities

19 November 2018, 16:00 - 17:00

The ENABLE Webinar#2 on “How to create just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities” will provide an opportunity to learn from the project research and city experiences in embedding green and blue infrastructure in urban planning and development and ensuring equitable distribution of the multiple benefits.

In this webinar, discussions will be facilitated by Chantal van Ham from IUCN and Alice Reil from ICLEI Europe on what it ‘actually’ means to bring green into the city in terms of planning and envisioning a socially just distribution of the benefits to all residents.

Prof. Dagmar Haase from Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany) will shed light on the alleged paradox of society and ecological improvements within urban areas and Joahhanes Langemeyer, post doctoral researcher on urban socio-ecological systems from the Autonomous university of Barcelona (Spain) will share his research insights on justice and sustainability.

To supplement the discussions with a city perspective, Mr.Giovanni Finni, Coordinator of the environment sector, City of Bologna (Italy) as well as the Co-coordinator of the EU Urban Agenda partnership on sustainable land use and nature based solutions will share his practical experiences in promoting urban greens and striving towards a common vision for a resilient and just city. There will of course be sufficient time to engage webinar participants with their questions and remarks to the speakers as well.

The webinar will take place on 19 November 2018 from 16:00- 17:00 CET. Registrations are now open. Please click here to register. For more information, visit the project website.