Looking for Investment – What to Expect

Smart City Project Due Diligence

21 April 2020, 10:00 - 11:30

When embarking on a Smart City project it is important to "do your due diligence." But what does that really mean and what can you expect?

If you are looking for investment into your Energy-, Transport & Mobility- or ICT-focused Smart City project, potential investors will seek assurances – the more uncertainty and the larger the scale of the investment required, the stricter they will be. Assurances must be provided by third party advisors, each with their own specialties, in a process called "due diligence."

This Marketplace of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) webinar will walk through what due diligence entails and how you can be best prepared at various stages of your project’s maturity. The webinar is open to all interested persons, and will be especially targetted to Smart City project managers, project developers, city planners, and financial officers working with Smart City projects.


  • Introduction to the EIP-SCC Project Maturity Level Model and where due diligence plays a role
  • Due diligence – what does a typical due diligence process looks like and why is it needed?
  • Parties involved in due diligence and various types of investors
  • Aspects of due diligence research – project risk categories
  • Examples of project due diligence work
  • Lessons learned for project developers
  • Questions, answers and discussion


The webinar will be introduced and moderated by Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida (RdA Climate Solutions) with presentations by the following DNV GL experts:

  • Bieuwe Pruiksma, a consultant working with the Energy Markets and Technology team. As part of due diligence projects, Bieuwe often acts as project manager and regularly assesses the CAPEX and OPEX budgets of assets. He has performed several studies related to infrastructure planning and investment, including assessing infrastructural needs in different industrial regions in the Netherlands.
  • Maurice Vos, a senior consultant in the Markets and Transaction Advisory team. Maurice has worked on various due diligence projects focusing on CAPEX and OPEX modelling. Projects include technical and commercial due diligence studies for a gas processing facility, farm-in for a greenfield gas pipeline in Germany, underground gas storage in Germany, and a gas import terminal.

Other webinars in the series will cover subjects like Risk Assessment (6 or 7 May), Finance Models & Public Procurement (in May/June), and will conclude with a Master Class focusing on Project Bankability (May/June).

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