Carbon-neutral, sustainable, inclusive! Unlocking cities' full potential through Local Green Deals

EU Regions Week Workshop

13 October 2021, 11:30 - 13:00
- Online

This session co-organised by ICLEI together with the city of Mannheim and the European Committee of the Regions will explore the concept of Local Green Deals (LGDs) as integrated, bottom-up approach for cities and local communities to take inclusive and ambitious action in line with the EU Green Deal towards a Green Recovery. Moving from policy to action, pioneering cities like Mannheim will share their experiences in localising the EU Green Deal and explore how to kick-start Local Green Deal processes in communities across Europe for achieving a sustainable, just, inclusive and rapid recovery and future.
Whilst the concept of Local Green Deal is at the heart of the discussion, the session aims to inspire, develop and share replicable ideas, solutions and approaches to encourage local communities from all over Europe to build their own Local Green Deal for collective and inclusive action at the local level.

Amongst others, the session will explore in two discussion rounds with speakers and participants:

  • What are Local Green Deals & why do we need them;
  • The impact of the European Green Deal at local level;
  • What the Local Green Deal framework builds on and how to implement it to accelerate local transformative action;
  • How Local Green Deals can support a sustainable recovery for local communities and how to design community-driven recovery and transition processes;
  • How to use political leadership to mobilise local stakeholders for Local Green Deals.

Contributions will come from the City of Mannheim, the European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs; the Flemish Parliament, the European Commmittee of the Regions, and the City of Espoo

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City of Mannheim, European Committee of the Regions (CoR)