Biodiverse, nature-based cities:

from policy to action

14 November 2022, 11:00 - 12:00

ICLEI Europe’s new webinar series for Members explores different ways European cities are making sustainability a reality. Webinars will happen one Monday a month at 11:00 - 12:00.

In this session on "Biodiverse, nature-based cities: from policy to action", on 14 November, find out how ICLEI Europe is working with member cities to navigate biodiversity policy and mainstream locally relevant and community led nature-based solutions. Get to know how ICLEI can help make policy work for you! Register here.

The session will include inspiring presentations from ICLEI topical experts and select ICLEI Members, sharing tools, resources and/or best practices, followed by time for open discussions and questions. Members will have the chance to network and exchange on challenges related to the topic(s) at hand.

12 September 2022    Solar Cities: capturing solar energy potential
17 October 2022        Climate-neutral cities: localising the Europan Green Deal
14 November 2022     Biodiverse, nature-based cities: from policy to action
12 December 2022     Coastal cities: living with water, fighting sea level rise

Registration is open! These events are for city professionals and representatives of ICLEI Members only. If you are an elected person or employee at an ICLEI Member organisation then you are a member too. If your organisation is not a member of ICLEI and is interested in applying for ICLEI membership, please go to join ICLEI.