Circular Economy in waste management: how to replicate action

4 May 2021, 14:00 - 15:15
- online

All are invited to join an online workshop on 4 May, which will explore “Circular economy in waste management: how to replicate action".

The workshop, a partner event to EU Green Week, will feature the perspectives of representatives from cities that have piloted new meaures to manage plastic packaging waste, as well as biowaste, and construction and demolition waste (CDW). These speakers will provide detail on the measures implemented, lessons learnt, and tips for replication. The workshop will guide local politicians and decision makers, as well as European representatives from the plastic, CDW, and biowaste industries that seek to make plastic packaging, biowaste and CDW more circular.

The Circular Economy Action Plan, issued by the European Commission in 2020, identifies plastics, CDW, and biowaste as priority areas due to the adverse impact of their production, use and disposal on the climate, as well as on maritime and land ecosystems. Consequently, cities around Europe are now piloting and implementing solutions aimed at closing the material loops in these waste streams in order to become more circular and accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society.

This workshop will delve into the experiences of cities that have made concrete changes to this end, and will discuss how their approaches can be replicated elsewhere.


  • 14:00 Welcome and interactive introduction to the Workshop
  • 14:05 Valentin Voinica, ICLEI Member Alba Iulia (Romania); discussion on plastic package waste reduction
  • 14:15 Mireia Calvo (ITENE); introduction to waste collection & transport phases and how to replicate them
  • 14:25 Interview with speakers
  • 14:35 Kimmo Haapea, City of Mikkeli (Finland); decision making, tools, measures and a business case study
  • 14:45 Kaitlyn Dietz, Officer Sustainable Economy and Procurement, ICLEI Europe; approaches to replication
  • 14:55 Moderated Discussion
  • 15:05 Wrap-Up and Closing

The workshop will be moderated by Peter Defranceschi, Head of Brussels Office, ICLEI Europe. It is being jointly organised in the contexts of two projects in which ICLEI Europe is a partner: CityLoops and PlastiCircle.

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