Fair and Sustainable Energy for All With Integrated Low Emission Development Planning

Join Urban-LEDS cities at Daring Cities

19 October 2020, 16:00 - 18:00
- Zoom

Within a city, a vast amount of different actors, sectors and activities contribute to overall emissions and linked pollution levels. Currently, strategies for emission reductions are often sectors specific with limited cross-linking between sectors that could generate synergies in efforts. Cross-sectoral integration could not only set free significant emission reduction potentials but also and generate synergies for the economic and social transformations required to reach local to national climate targets.

This interactive workshop building on insights from the Urban LEDS and Urban Pathways projects will focus on integrated and sustainable energy management to reduce emissions across sectors efficiently and economically. Participants will be invited to actively contribute to the discussion by exploring practical implementation cases from different cities in working groups.

Following a brief introduction to a variety of aspects that an integrated strategy can encompass, as well as to the many co-benefits related to it, participants will be split into working groups focusing on energy and transport and waste and energy guided by ICLEI and UNHABITAT project experts, in which they will be asked to develop cornerstones of a strategy.

At a second stage, all groups will reconvene to present the strategy developed and the challenges and possible solutions identified in their groups.

Urban-LEDS & Urban-Pathways project partners ICLEI Europe & UN-Habitat