Action Fund

The Action Fund grants up to 350,000 EUR to selected six non-profit and academic organisations to carry out data-driven environmental projects in cities across Europe.

With topics ranging from sustainable mobility, air quality to sustainable buildings, the projects will promote the use of different sources of data to drive environmental action through different applications and decision-support tools, such as monitoring systems, test beds, and new guidance.

After a thorough round of evaluation from a team of sustainability experts, projects in the following cities have been chosen for funding: Copenhagen (Denmark), Nantes (France), Berlin and Hamburg (Germany), Birmingham and Greater Manchester (United Kingdom).

Funded Projects

Projects funded under the Action Fund will use a combination of private and open source data, from sources such as the Google Environment Insights Explorer (EIE), to drive environmental action in their respective cities.

To learn more about the projects which received funding through the Action Fund, check out the map below.

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Environmental Data

European cities face environmental challenges in different areas on a daily basis. In order to increase sustainability and make their cities greener, local governments have established goals to reduce pollution and climate impacts in alignment with EU policies, the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Data related to transport, energy, and air pollution are increasingly available in cities and create an evidence base for action and investment in sustainable mobility, solar energy, sustainable buildings and air quality.

Through the tool Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE), has estimated building and transport greenhouse gas emissions, as well as solar roof potential on a local level. The data in the EIE is anonymous, highly aggregated and, when combined with other data sources, creates useful environmental insights.

"Advancing on local environmental and climate action requires a deep understanding of local realities and needs. We believe that getting actionable insights from different data sources is key to accelerate the development of innovative projects, improving local environmental quality and reducing carbon emissions. We are confident that the selected projects will contribute to their cities’ local sustainability goals and demonstrate the importance of data-driven approaches for better decision-making processes."

Wolfgang Teubner, Regional Director, ICLEI Europe.


Evaluation criteria

Successful projects were granted funding based on:

  • Data component
  • Contribution to the City's sustainability goals
  • Strategic vision
  • Potential impact to increase energy efficiency and/or reduce CO2 emissions
  • Level of innovation
  • Potential to be continued after the end of the funding

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