ICLEI Action Fund

The ICLEI Action Fund is a granting scheme conducted by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability with support from Google.org to foster data-driven environmental and climate action at the local level. Initially launched in May 2020, the first phase of the programme funded 2,5 million euros to six data-driven projects carried out by non-profit organisations and academic institutions in four European countries. In May 2022, the Fund launched a second call for applications offering 7 million euros to finance seven projects using climate and environmental data. The topics include sustainable mobility; sustainable and energy efficient buildings; solar energy development; climate adaptation and resilience; air quality management or projects that fall into the category environmental and climate action.

Action Fund 2.0

The ICLEI Action Fund 2.0 will grant 7 million euros to civil society organisations and academic institutions in six European cities that are using different sources of data to implement inclusive climate actions. Led by ICLEI Europe through grant funding from Google.org, the funding programme boosts data-based projects aimed at helping local governments to improve environmental quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to the effects of climate change.

In total, seven projects based in Barcelona (Spain), Dortmund (Germany), Glasgow (UK), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Stockholm (Sweden) will receive 1 million euros each to implement data-driven actions on energy poverty alleviation, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy development, air quality management, and climate adaptation and resilience. The projects will start in spring 2023 and run for the next two years. Each project will be officially announced at local events throughout the course of spring and summer 2023.

This is the second time that the ICLEI Action Fund boosts environmental data-driven action in Europe. From 2020-2022, the ICLEI Action Fund 1.0, also supported by Google.org, granted 2,5 million euros to six non-profit and academic organisations. More information on Action Fund 1.0 is available below.


Action Fund 1.0

The ICLEI Action Fund 1.0 is a granting scheme conducted by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability with support from Google.org to foster data-driven environmental and climate action at the local level. Launched in May 2020 in Europe, the programme has granted 2,5 million euros to six non-profit and academic organisations to implement projects aimed at reducing existing and avoiding new emissions of greenhouse gases.

After a thorough round of evaluation, a team of sustainability experts selected the following projects for funding: Thrive Zone Amager (Copenhagen, Denmark), AIREAL (Nantes, France), Pop-Up Republic (Berlin, Germany), ANN Radar (Hamburg, Germany), 3D - Data to help Decarbonise in a Decade (Birmingham, UK), and Oldham Energy Futures (Greater Manchester, UK). Projects funded under the Action Fund use a combination of private and open source data from sources such as the Google Environment Insights Explorer (EIE), to implement environmental action at the local level.

Thrive Zone Amager

Non-profit Miljøpunkt Amager is the first sub grantee to finalise its project under the ICLEI Action Fund. Named Thrive Zone Amager (TZA), the project brought together experts from Gehl Architects, Studio Profondo, Danish Technological Institute, Urban Digital, and Backscatter, TZA aimed at creating and testing models to assess air pollution impacts on citizens' habits in defined areas.

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Project 3D

Realised by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, the "Project 3D- Data to help Decarbonise in a Decade" aims to establish an open-source, city-wide energy data-set to deliver carbon reduction initiatives in Birmingham (UK). The Data-hub has a range of data sets on housing, travel, waste, energy, and emissions.In addition, CSE uses the data to deliver community-scale carbon reduction initiatives alligned with Birmingham’s existing decarbonisation policies and programmes.

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Pop-up Republic

In Berlin, Deutsche Umwelthilfe executes the project "Pop-up Republic: New Mobility Berlin", aimed at collecting, processing and analysing environmental data in order to objectify discussions about sustainable mobility and traffic  transition in the city. DUH uses data on air quality, noise level and urban traffic from local sources along with other tools to accelerate the city’s progress toward its air quality and carbon-free transport goals.

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AIREAL aims to identify and test solutions to reduce citizens' exposure to air pollution. The project will develop a mobile application to guide users toward healthier ways to move and live. Citizens will be able to choose which means of transportation to use, which routes to take, where to buy a house, or even where and when to make complaints to local authorities. In addition, AIREAL will support the city’s urban transportation strategy, offering real-time assessment of solutions to reduce road traffic pollution.

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Energy Futures

Oldham Energy Futures supports neighbourhoods to discover, shape, test and own plans and projects designed to transform their neighbourhood. The project puts citizens at the front and centre of decision making and planning in their local area as key to kick starting the energy transition, by selecting three community groups to implement pilots.

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ANN Radar

The ANN (A New Normal) RADAR is a digital decision support tool aimed at identifying spaces and areas that can be used as urban testbeds for prototyping energy innovations. The subgrantees in HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany, use public and private environmental, climate and energy data of different districts in the city to support the identification. The project is inspired by A New Normal in Melbourne, Australia, in the context of a sustainable Melbourne 2030.

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