How are cities creating more sustainable urban environments? In Local Voices for Sustainability, the ICLEI Europe podcast, we sit down with advocates, experts and officials from ICLEI Europe member cities to discuss their sometimes rocky, but always interesting, journey towards a more sustainable future. 

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Local Voices for Sustainability

Each month, ICLEI Europe publishes a feature article via its newsletter. In a new mini podcast segment called 'Features', a member of our staff reads the feature article aloud. This month, we hear about ICLEI Europe's involvement in the United Nation's annual climate conference, COP 27. To read the article for yourself, register for the ICLEI Europe newsletter here.

In the lead up to COP26 last year, the city of Glasgow firmly set itself on the path towards a more sustainable and just transition. In our inaugural episode, we sit down with Gavin Slater, Head of Sustainability at Glasgow City Council, to discuss the city's sustainability successes, shortcomings and its role in the RUGGEDISED smart city project.

This podcast is produced by ICLEI Europe.

Note: this conversation was recorded in April 2022.