8 March 2024

Address inequalities in the European Green Deal through practical recommendations

The European Green Deal foresees efficient use of resources for a circular and clean economy. Yet inequalities emerge in the context of its policy and interventions, whether in terms of access to food, energy, mobility, or biodiversity.

The ACCTING project, of which ICLEI is a partner, seeks to understand how the European Green Deal Policies impact vulnerable groups through these different lenses. This work has resulted in a series of factsheets to support policymakers, employers, and civil society organisations by providing practical recommendations to mitigate these effects. Through these factsheets, the project aims to empower policymakers and other stakeholders to anticipate the potential negative impacts of policies on vulnerable groups in order to avoid increases in inequalities.

Addressed to local and regional policy makers, the recommendations support promoting access to healthy food for vulnerable communities, show the value of local knowledge in disaster management and nature protection, and gender+ inclusive agricultural policies. Targeting employers, recommendations highlight how corporate social responsibility can contribute to a more inclusive Green Deal and how empowering employees can help mitigate climate change. Addressing civil society organisations, the recommendations highlight how inclusive civil society can help shape an inclusive Green Deal.

ICLEI strongly supports an inclusive Green Deal. To learn more about the ACCTING project, click here.

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