7 May 2024

Amplify citizens’ voices in policy making

Across the globe, public authorities face resource constraints, limiting their ability to gather crucial data needed for informed policymaking. Yet, within this challenge lies an opportunity for innovation and inclusivity. ICLEI Europe is looking for dedicated local government representatives committed to driving positive change within their communities to join the Urban ReLeaf Community of Practice (CoP). The Urban ReLeaf CoP is a collaborative hub uniting experts and practitioners passionate about linking citizen science with innovative public initiatives.

Joining the CoP allows stakeholders from Urban ReLeaf pilot cities and beyond to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations. Citizen associations, civil society organisations, and the business community members alike can also benefit from participating.

At its core, the Urban ReLeaf project recognises citizens as invaluable contributors to data collection. By actively involving citizens, we not only enhance the scope and depth of collected data but also inspire a sense of ownership and empowerment within communities. This collaborative spirit enriches policy decisions and strengthens democratic governance.

Embark with us on a journey to unleash the transformative power of citizen-powered science, forging a resilient, inclusive, evidence-based, and democratic governance systems that prioritise citizen engagement in policy making.

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