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The EU Green Deal recognises the essential role of digital transformation in achieving a resource efficient, carbon-neutral, and resilient world by 2050. ICLEI’s Green Digital Transformation team plays a central role in creating opportunities for cities and communities to harness digital change, data and a human-centred approach to achieve this goal set by the EU Green Deal. This involves working with them to enhance data-driven and technology projects and initiatives that support environmental quality improvement, climate action, energy efficiency, and bolster resilience while promoting citizens engagement.

Through detailed planning, stakeholder involvement and nuanced policies, the projects aim to overcome challenges, encompassing privacy, equity, and inclusion, harmonising green and digital innovation in alignment with urban stakeholders' needs.

"As urban landscapes grow in complexity, digitalization across all facets emerges as the sole means to effectively manage such a vast structure. İzmir is wholeheartedly committed to leveraging all available technology and digital solutions to enhance the city's sustainability and resilience. Projects like Google EIE for transport emissions vividly demonstrate how citizen-generated data can be harnessed by the city to foster a more prosperous and liveable environment. Such projects inspire us to develop better services and plans for the future to become a carbon free and resilient city. "


Dr. Çağlar Tükel, Engineer, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Climate Change and Environmental Protection


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