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TIPS4PED is transforming urban areas in Turin, Cork, Budapest, and Kozani by creating Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) through digital simulations. These PEDs address various challenges and contribute to Europe's climate neutrality goal by 2050.

Urban ReLeaf

Citizen-powered data ecosystems for inclusive and green urban transitions

Urban ReLeaf delivers citizen-powered data ecosystems to support cross-sectoral innovation and political agenda setting for climate change adaptation and green infrastructure planning in urban environments.
Nature-based Solutions, such as the expansion of urban greenspace and planting of trees, can...


Re-Valuing Urban Quality & Climate Neutrality in European Waterfront Cities

Inspired by the New European Bauhaus’ aesthetic approach to sustainability and undertaken to support the EU Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, Re-Value takes a holistic approach to urban development considering not only the physical infrastructure but also the well-being of communities ...


European City Facility

Municipalities, local authorities, and local public entities are the driver of the European sustainable energy transition. With tremendous potential to build comprehensive sustainable investment programmes, they also play a key role in pooling smaller projects into larger investment portfolios and i...


SYMSITES aims to develop new technologies and solutions through Industrial-Urban symbiosis (I-US), for local and regional collaborations to improve the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources resulting from wastewater and waste materials.


P2GreeN will develop, test and adapt the use of human sanitary waste to produce safe, bio-based fertilizers for agriculture. The objective is to foster nutrient recovery of phosphorous and nitrogen between urban and rural areas.


Designing useR centric E-kickscooters & business models for Enhancing interModality

The use of different and optimally combined transport modes in a seamless way is one of the key challenges to achieve greater sustainability in smart cities transport systems.
Each mode of transport has its own advantages and satisfies different mobility purposes and needs. The core of new electrif...

Data-driven Environmental and Climate Action

ICLEI Action Fund

The ICLEI Action Fund, supported by, aids local sustainability initiatives. Launched in May 2020, phase one funded six projects totalling 2.5 million euros. In 2022, phase two offered 7 million euros for seven projects focusing on climate and environmental action.


Dynamic EU building stock knowledge hub

Capturing the potential of big data to create a comprehensive and reliable community knowledge hub on the EU building stock.