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ECOsystem-Based Governance with DAnube Lighthouse Living Lab for Sustainable Innovation Process

The 2030 & 2050 Green Deal goals push the EU towards integrated solutions & clear targets. EcoDaLLi, embedded in the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean, seas & waters by 2030’ will help achieve freshwater targets of the European Green Deal, integrating a systemic approach for restora...

Urban ReLeaf

Citizen-powered data ecosystems for inclusive and green urban transitions

Urban ReLeaf delivers citizen-powered data ecosystems to support cross-sectoral innovation and political agenda setting for climate change adaptation and green infrastructure planning in urban environments.
Nature-based Solutions, such as the expansion of urban greenspace and planting of trees, can...



Supporting the establishment of innovative governance models to achieve better informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation in the bio-based economy.


SYMSITES aims to develop new technologies and solutions through Industrial-Urban symbiosis (I-US), for local and regional collaborations to improve the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources resulting from wastewater and waste materials.


P2GreeN will develop, test and adapt the use of human sanitary waste to produce safe, bio-based fertilizers for agriculture. The objective is to foster nutrient recovery of phosphorous and nitrogen between urban and rural areas.


NBS EduWORLD is a Horizon Europe project aimed at nurturing an NBS-literate society by supporting a just transition to a sustainable future. For this, NBS EduWORLD will create an NBS community that facilitates synergies between NBS professionals and education providers, and ensures free and easy acc...


NATURANCE is a 3.5-year Horizon Europe project which examines the technical, financial and operational feasibility and performance of solutions built on a combination of disaster risk financing and Nature-based solutions investments.
Nature-based solutions (NbS) can help to sustainably manage natur...


Innovative and Enhanced Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable Urban Water Cycle

NICE increases the availability of nature-based solutions (NbS) for circular urban water solutions, by generating knowledge for the design and implementation of NbS to create sustainable closed urban water loops.


MULTISOURCE focuses on the intersection of nature-based solutions with the four key areas of environment, circular economy, society, and policy.