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The GoNaturePositive! project is at the forefront of a pioneering, transdisciplinary, and collaborative effort aimed at accelerating the shift towards a nature-positive economy. It aims to do this by raising awareness and initiating transformative actions amongst key stakeholders, including policyma...


Securing local supplY chains via the development of new Methods to assess the circularity and symbiosis of the Bio-bAsed industrial ecosystem enhancing the EU competitiveness and resource independence

The SYMBA project aims to create an innovative industrial-urban method for European countries, promoting zero-waste value chains and a shift to circular economy principles.


NetworkNature gathers nature-based solutions communities, resources, projects, best practices and tools under one roof.


Reliability and effectiveness of integrated alternative water resources management for regional climate change adaptation

RECREATE aims to improve the resilience of water supplies and protect the status of natural water resources by facilitating the assessment and inclusion of Alternative Water Resources(AWR) in water management planning for water-scarce regions, and to increase awareness and acceptance of and trust in...

ICC Phase II

Intelligent Cities Challenge Phase II

The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) supports cities to tackle the twin - i.e. green and digital - transition by developing Local Green Deals (LGDs). It provides them with ongoing advisory support and develops a peer-to-peer community. ICC has outlined the following key objectives:
Supporting cit...

TurnaroundMoney II

Rethinking Municipal Finance

A large part of the necessary investments for sustainability transitions, especially to reach net zero and other environmental goals, must be made at the municipal level. In many European countries, however, there are no adequate financing mechanisms to support municipal actors. Against the backgrou...


Co-creating People-Centric Sustainable Neighbourhoods through Urban Regeneration

WeGenerate seeks to infuse the elements of people and co-creation in the urban regeneration processes. It fully embraces the paradigm shift from building for the people to building with the people. We – cities, citizens, communities, businesses, researchers, and practitioners – take owne...


CULTIVATE is an EU-funded project aiming to increase awareness and knowledge of foodsharing initiatives (FSIs), understand what drives or hampers their practice, and foster sustainability, inclusion, and resilience in urban and peri-urban food systems through food sharing. Many FSIs already provide ...

Urban ReLeaf

Citizen-powered data ecosystems for inclusive and green urban transitions

Urban ReLeaf delivers citizen-powered data ecosystems to support cross-sectoral innovation and political agenda setting for climate change adaptation and green infrastructure planning in urban environments.
Nature-based Solutions, such as the expansion of urban greenspace and planting of trees, can...