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The EU-funded UNPplus (UNP+) project will address the need for coordinated top-down and bottom-up initiatives, engaging city- and community-driven efforts to complement national sustainability plans.


Consumers' Understanding of Eating Sustainably

CUES is a Horizon Europe-funded project, which aims to revolutionise food consumption towards more sustainable patterns by fostering a 'triple change' in culture, the food value chain, and policy.


Reducing Housing Inequalities

ReHousIn aims to spark innovative policy solutions towards inclusionary and quality housing. For this, it investigates the complex relationship between green transition initiatives and housing inequalities in European urban and rural contexts, and develops innovative policy recommendations for bette...


TIPS4PED is transforming urban areas in Turin, Cork, Budapest, and Kozani by creating Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) through digital simulations. These PEDs address various challenges and contribute to Europe's climate neutrality goal by 2050.


The GoNaturePositive! project is at the forefront of a pioneering, transdisciplinary, and collaborative effort aimed at accelerating the shift towards a nature-positive economy. It aims to do this by raising awareness and initiating transformative actions amongst key stakeholders, including policyma...


Securing local supplY chains via the development of new Methods to assess the circularity and symbiosis of the Bio-bAsed industrial ecosystem enhancing the EU competitiveness and resource independence

The SYMBA project aims to create an innovative industrial-urban method for European countries, promoting zero-waste value chains and a shift to circular economy principles.

Adaptation AGORA

A Gathering place to cO-design and co-cReate Adaptation

AGORA aims to enhance collective resilience against climate change by establishing community-based adaptation practices in various social, economic and political contexts.


Climate change initiatives will be more effective when they reach all members of society, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups who are more at risk. Social justice is therefore becoming a core goal for cities tasked with the design and implementation of climate initiatives. Cities play an...

UPPER: Unleashing the Potential of Public Transport in Europe

UPPER aims to strengthen the role of public transport as the cornerstone of sustainable and innovative mobility. The project will implement a combination of measures looking to push people out of private cars and to pull them closer to public transport in cities across Europe.