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The Regions4Climate project aims to collaboratively develop and demonstrate a socially-just transition to climate resilience. Based on cross-sectoral roadmaps developed together with regional stakeholders, the project will create and implement innovations combining sociocultural, technological, digi...


A Gathering place to cO-design and co-cReate Adaptation

AGORA aims to enhance collective resilience against climate change by establishing community-based adaptation practices in various social, economic and political contexts.


Climate change initiatives will be more effective when they reach all members of society, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups who are more at risk. Social justice is therefore becoming a core goal for cities tasked with the design and implementation of climate initiatives. Cities play an...


Advancing national support for climate-neutral cities

A support action for national and regional authorities to advance their governance structures and strengthen dedicated support for cities to achieve the climate-neutral Cities Mission. The project is funded under the EU Missions programme of Horizon Europe.
CapaCITIES coordinates actions across cli...


Social sciences & Humanities for Achieving a Responsible, Equitable and Desirable GREEN DEAL


AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal

The ACCTING project produces knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal.


NATURANCE is a 3.5-year Horizon Europe project which examines the technical, financial and operational feasibility and performance of solutions built on a combination of disaster risk financing and Nature-based solutions investments.
Nature-based solutions (NbS) can help to sustainably manage natur...


Powering access to investment for next generation circular economy initiatives in cities and regions

CircularInvest will provide project development assistance to cities and regions across Europe with the aim of implementing circular economy projects and secure investments for more than €20 million.



Supporting the establishment of innovative governance models to achieve better informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation in the bio-based economy.