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Powering access to investment for next generation circular economy initiatives in cities and regions

CircularInvest will provide project development assistance to cities and regions across Europe with the aim of implementing circular economy projects and secure investments for more than €20 million.


Transforming Africa’s urban food environments through strenghtening linkages between food system stakeholders in cities actoss Europe and the continent

Launched in December 2022, AfriFOODlinks is an EU funded project that aims to improve food and nutrition security, while delivering positive outcomes for climate and the environment, and building social and ecological resilience in 65+ Cities in Africa and Europe. Coordinated by ICLEI Africa, the pr...


Aragon's REgional Hub for circularity: Demonstration Of Local industrial-urban symbiosis initiatives

REDOL will help the city of Zaragoza (Spain) become a circular economy hub and a zero-residues city by 2040. The project will redesign five value chains for solid urban waste to reuse and valorise resources.


SYMSITES aims to develop new technologies and solutions through Industrial-Urban symbiosis (I-US), for local and regional collaborations to improve the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources resulting from wastewater and waste materials.



Supporting the establishment of innovative governance models to achieve better informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation in the bio-based economy.


P2GreeN will develop, test and adapt the use of human sanitary waste to produce safe, bio-based fertilizers for agriculture. The objective is to foster nutrient recovery of phosphorous and nitrogen between urban and rural areas.


Fostering the Acceleration of Sustainable Transport To Regions and Authorities through Capacity and Knowledge

FastTrack works with 24 local areas to help them accelerate their deployment of sustainable mobility innovations.


Be.CULTOUR - Beyond CULtural TOURism: human-centred innovations for sustainable and circular cultural tourism

Be.CULTOUR stands for “Beyond Cultural Tourism” and aims to develop human-centred innovations for sustainable and circular cultural tourism. Led by the italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS), the project responds...


Designing useR centric E-kickscooters & business models for Enhancing interModality

The use of different and optimally combined transport modes in a seamless way is one of the key challenges to achieve greater sustainability in smart cities transport systems.
Each mode of transport has its own advantages and satisfies different mobility purposes and needs. The core of new electrif...