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Systemic Innovations Towards a Zero Food Waste Supply Chain

Food waste is an enormous burden on the global food system, with a third of all food produced globally going to waste. This has a big impact on resource exploitation and world hunger. The EU-funded ZeroW project aims to reduce Food Loss & Waste (FLW) along the food supply chain, contributing to ...


Changing practices and Habits through Open, Responsible, and social Innovation towards ZerΟ fοod waste

CHORIZO stands for Changing practices and Habits through Open, Responsible, and social Innovation towards ZerΟ fοod waste and aims to improve the understanding of how social norms (rules or expectations that are socially enforced) influence behaviour related to food loss and waste (F...


Deal Engine with finance, investment and technical expertise for the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

DEFINITE-CCRI will launch an assistance programme dubbed a “Deal Engine Mechanism” to provide technical and financial assistance to circularity projects, demonstrate their bankability and increase the investors’ trust in circular economy innovation. Investments are expected to exceed €80 mil...


Powering access to investment for next generation circular economy initiatives in cities and regions

CircularInvest will provide project development assistance to cities and regions across Europe with the aim of implementing circular economy projects and secure investments for more than €20 million.


Aragon's REgional Hub for circularity: Demonstration Of Local industrial-urban symbiosis initiatives

REDOL will help the city of Zaragoza (Spain) become a circular economy hub and a zero-residues city by 2040. The project will redesign five value chains for solid urban waste to reuse and valorise resources.


Be.CULTOUR - Beyond CULtural TOURism: human-centred innovations for sustainable and circular cultural tourism

Be.CULTOUR stands for “Beyond Cultural Tourism” and aims to develop human-centred innovations for sustainable and circular cultural tourism. Led by the italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS), the project responds...


CIRCULAR BIOCARBON presents a first-of-a-kind flagship biorefinery designed to valorise the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and Sewage Sludge (SS) into high added-value end and intermediate products.


Stimulate demand for sustainable energy skills with circularity as a driver and multifunctional green use of roofs, façades and interior elements as focus

The overall aim of BUS-GoCircular is to address and overcome the challenges of the stimulation of demand for green energy skilled workforce, along with hands-on capacity building to increase the number of skilled workforce across the value chain.


Closing the loop for urban material flows

Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde (Denmark), Mikkeli (Finland), Apeldoorn (the Netherlands), Bodø (Norway), Porto (Portugal) and Seville (Spain) are the seven European cities that will pilot a series of demonstration actions on construction and demolition waste (CDW) and organic waste (OW) with the aim o...