18 June 2024

Apply for support to advance a circular economy

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the European agenda, cities across Europe are beginning to realise the potential of the circular economy to achieve climate neutrality and become more resilient. However, the lack of expertise and financial resources often hinders the adoption of circular practices.

The Circular City Centre - C3 was launched in 2021 to help European cities navigate the complexities of the circular economy and implement impactful circular projects. C3 is a competence and resource centre within the European Investment Bank (EIB), co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative. Following a successful 15-month pilot phase, C3 is now set to expand its reach and continue its work with the external support from ICLEI Europe, Circle Economy, Arup and Ecorys.

Within this new asset, C3 will provide tailored support to cities at various stages of their transition to a circular economy. The pilot phase revealed a diverse landscape of circularity across cities—some are just starting, while others have considerable experience. C3 recognises this diversity and provides customised support to meet each city's unique needs.

A key component of C3 is the Circular City Advisory (CCA), which includes three distinct programmes designed for different stages of a city's journey towards circularity. These programmes range from initial exploration of the circular economy to the development and execution of specific circular projects. This tiered approach ensures that cities receive the appropriate level of support, no matter where they are in their transition.

For cities looking to further develop and finance circular projects, the Circular Project Advisory (CPA) programme offers specialised technical assistance. The objective is to bring projects to a bankable stage where they can secure funding or financing.

Applications for both programmes are now open. Interested cities can express their interest through these forms: CCA, CPA.

Beyond direct support, C3 also focuses on raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the circular economy through guidance documents, tools, webinars, and workshops, encouraging more cities to embrace circular solutions. The guidance documents published so far include:

More insightful documents are expected to be released in the months to come.

For more information about C3 and how it can support your city’s journey towards a circular economy, please visit the C3 website.