23 February 2024

Free tool now available to help cities identify broad impacts of energy efficiency measures

Thanks to piloting and insights from ICLEI Members Tartu (Estonia), Calvià (Spain) and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), a free online tool is now available to help stakeholders understand diverse impacts of energy efficiency measures.

The so-called MICATool – or Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool – is a free and user-friendly online platform that supports stakeholders like policymakers, practitioners, and evaluators to analyse broad impacts of energy efficiency measures across various geographic scales, including impacts at European, national, and local levels. In other words, the tool enables holistic assessments of the multiple impacts of energy efficiency (MI-EE).

The tool was developed with strategic guidance from ICLEI Europe, alongside leadership from local level pilots, which provided input data and verified that the tool was effective and in line with climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

The work with cities in the domain of quantifying multiple impacts has shown the importance of practical input to the research and development work in the field. Whereas aggregated data is useful at national and EU levels, local implementation can hardly work with it. Monitoring and assessing impacts has a large potential to create transparency for meaningful participatory planning as well as communication of energy transition measures and policies on the ground. But for this, the tools developed still need a stronger orientation for local practitioners and need to be taken into account in the discussion on capacities of public administration for what in the end becomes data governance,” notes Niklas Mischkowski, Head of the Governance Innovation Team at ICLEI Europe.

The MICATool is an essential resource for all cities looking to bolster informed, evidence-based decision-making, and to accelerate the transition to affordable, just and sustainable energy systems.

The MICATool is available at:

For more information about the project that led to its development, visit: