31 May 2024

Greek Cities and Regions gather for EU Mission Adaptation

Greek cities and regions kicked off their collaboration under the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change in a first meeting in Athens last month. The gathering was convened by the Mission Board of the EU Mission Adaptation and ICLEI, in cooperation with the General Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Urban Environment of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the support of the REGILIENCE project.

Many municipalities and regions including ICLEI Members Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa, as well as the Regions of North Aegean, Thessaly, Crete, and Central Macedonia were in attendance to exchange on climate hazards they face and to hear the latest from the Mission Board. The broad selection of 18 Greek cities and regions demonstrated the eagerness with which they approach collaboration in reaching the goals of the Mission.

Beyond these municipalities and regions, a wide array of international actors such as the European Investment Bank and European Environment Agency attended the event in presence of Greek Secretaries General, Petros Varelidis, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Konstantinos Magoulas, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and Fofo Kalyva, Ministry of Health. In different panels discussions focused on “The National Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change” the event aimed to bring forth possibilities for national-level policies to support cities and regions in their resilience journeys. In addition, support of the Adaptation Mission to cities and regions, as well as data availability and financing, was explored. 

In all, the event underscored the motivations of Greek cities and regions in moving towards resilience, and demonstrated multi-level governance in action.

Read more about the event here.