25 March 2024

Local governments can use a guide for navigating New European Bauhaus-inspired projects

Are you a local government aiming to revitalise varied urban (or rural) spaces and create a sense of community among different stakeholders to help these places thrive in a sustainable way? The New European Bauhaus (NEB) Toolbox, developed by ICLEI Europe and tested in 20 small and medium-sized municipalities, is here to support you. Developed as part of the Support to the New European Bauhaus Local Initiatives, this comprehensive collection of tools is designed to assist in planning and designing projects aligned with New European Bauhaus values and working principles. Furthermore, it is complementary to NEB Compass, a guidance framework which helps decision and project-makers integrate NEB principles into their activities.

The NEB Toolbox is a curated set of practical resources and examples tailored to assist public and private authorities, as well as research entities, companies, NGOs and other groups, in integrating NEB principles into their regenerative projects in the built environment. The tools are clustered in three phases: Identification, Exploration, and Refinement to facilitate co-creative, multi-level collaborations. Whether you're transforming urban spaces to achieve green ambitions, reimagining rural areas, or rediscovering the hidden potential of abandoned sites, this toolbox provides the necessary guidance and inspiration.

By utilising the NEB Toolbox, you not only gain access to practical instruments for shaping your ideas but also become part of a pan-European movement promoting sustainability, inclusivity, and beauty. The toolbox has demonstrated its potential to foster community engagement and drive sustainable development, in line with the ambition to make places beautiful and aesthetically pleasant.

Interested in learning more about how to apply the NEB approach at the municipal level? Join us at the New European Bauhaus Festival, taking place on 9-13 April in ICLEI Brussels (Belgium). ICLEI Europe will be facilitating a webinar on co-creating next-generation solutions for cultural heritage buildings—an opportunity not to be missed!

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Access the NEB Toolbox here.