29 August 2023

New CCD signatory Matosinhos aims to increase repairability of products

ICLEI Member Matosinhos (Portugal) is strongly committed to implementing a circular economy, as demonstrated when it became the newest signatory of the Circular Cities Declaration (CCD). The CCD is an ICLEI Europe-led commitment document; by signing, cities and regions commit to use the levers at their disposal coherently to transition from a linear to a circular economy.

The municipality is working on a number of projects to achieve its circular aims. One such project, for example, aims to rethink how to transform waste into resources, by increasing the repairability and durability of products. Through the project, Matosinhos will create a Laboratory for the Prevention and Reuse of Waste. The Lab will address the topic from both an environmental and a social perspective, going much further than just improving the city's current waste management practices. Strengthening the municipality's social responses and social cohesion are additional key objective of the Lab.

The Lab will also act as a resource centre, collecting materials and products that inhabitants no longer need, to lead a process of reuse and/or repair, before donating the restored item to institutions and/or families in a situation of economic vulnerability. Through the Lab, the municipality will encourage networking, creating synergies and partnerships among social sector actors, the private sector, local authorities, and other relevant entities. Plus, the Lab will usher in a new, more circular model of thinking, planning and acting.

Matosinhos has some experience with similar work. The city is already home to community and school urban vegetable gardens, where composting is an essential practice. The municipality has also been offering composters and recycling bins to inhabitants. Much of the organic waste from citizens’ homes is composted. The municipality has two additional projects to reduce waste in catering and canteens.

More information on Matosinhos’ circular activities can be found on their CCD page.

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