20 November 2023

Showcasing that #MultilevelActionDelivers at COP28

ICLEI Europe will join forces with the entire ICLEI network and with local and regional leaders from across the globe at COP28 (or: the 28th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties) to demonstrate once again that #MultilevelActionDelivers. COP28 will convene in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 30 November to 12 December 2023, with many opportunities to join sessions online.

ICLEI is the official focal point for the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency to the UN climate negotiations.

In the lead-up to these crucial international climate negotiations – which have, in the past, resulted in landmark outcomes like the Paris Agreement – the LGMA Constituency has released a position with 10 calls to action. These calls will help to deliver on the core LGMA agenda for COP28 to: operationalise the Sustainable Urban Resilience for the Next Generation (SURGe) initiative; showcase local contributions to the global stocktake for climate emergency; and to accelerate UNFCCC engagement throughout the year.

In addition to ICLEI’s role as LGMA focal point, the ICLEI Europe team will be on the ground at COP28 contributing expertise and advocating for the crucial role of local and regional authorities during side events and sessions. Here is where you will be able to find ICLEI Europe throughout COP28 – please note that the times indicated correspond to the local time in Dubai (i.e. UTC+4, which is three hours ahead of local time in Brussels):

At the Multilevel Action and Urbanization Pavilion (more info, livestream sessions here):

  • 1 December, 11:30: ICLEI Europe is teaming up with ICLEI USA and ICLEI Japan to reflect on lessons from the G7 Presidency’s engagement with the Urban7, in a session titled “Best practices on multilevel governance from the US, Japan and the EU in the context of G7”
  • 5 December, 10:00: ICLEI Europe and ICLEI USA will lead an event that explains that there is, “No green transition without digital”.
  • 5 December, 17:00: ICLEI Europe is supporting a closed door meeting of the EU delegation and European leaders.
  • 8 December, 11:30: ICLEI Europe is co-organising and moderating a side-event together with the ICLEI World Secretariat to reflect on lessons learnt in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region regarding sustainable and resilient urbanisation, and the way forward for the urban legacy of the region, which has hosted back-to-back COPs.

At the EU Pavilion (more info):

Elsewhere at COP28:

  • 2 December, 16:30: ICLEI Europe is organising a side event at the Spanish Pavilion to explore “Just and Sustainable energy transition for people and the planet: how mayors are taking action to leave no one behind towards the Paris Agreement targets”.
  • 3 December, 12:30-13:30: ICLEI Europe will be speaking at the Implementation Lab under the title “Fostering adaptation transformations at the nexus of food, water and health to deliver on the Sharm Adaptation Agenda”, as part of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action.
  • 6 December, 9:00: ICLEI Europe will join an event at the Estonian Pavilion to discuss, “Unleashing the Power of Urban Leadership: Filling the Gap between SDGs and Actions”.
  • 6 December, 9:30: ICLEI Europe will join the opening to the Multi-Level Action, Urbanization, Built Environment, and Transport Day, hosted by the COP28 Presidency, UN-Habitat, and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions.
  • 6 December, 10:00-12:00: ICLEI is co-organising a COP28 Presidency event in the Green Zone on “Cities leading the way on sustainable food and climate”.
  • 6 December, 10:30: ICLEI Europe will speak during a session at the Climate Mobility Pavilion on “Addressing the Climate Change-Fragility-Human Mobility nexus through generating policy-relevant data and risk-informed evidence”.
  • 6 December, 11:30: ICLEI Europe will be part of a discussion in the Standards Pavilion by ISO on moving “From national adaptation plans to global climate action”. This session will be livestreamed here (8:30 CET).
  • 7 December, 13:00: ICLEI Europe, in its role leading CityFood, is giving a ‘TED Talk’ at the Dubai Expo City Farm on “Small plate, big impact: planet-friendly food transformation in cities”.
  • 8 December, 16:00-17:00: ICLEI Europe will support this YOUNGO-organised event that will convene stakeholders under the Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action to discuss, “Climate Catalysts: Youth and Local Leaders Spearheading Action in the Climate Emergency”
  • 8 December, 18:30-20:00: ICLEI will contribute to a UNFCCC Side Event on “Synergizing Local, Youth, and Global Stocktake: Aligning global policy and local implementation”.
  • 9 December, 11:00: ICLEI Europe, in its role leading CityFood, will be featured in a session at the Dubai Expo City Farm on “Schools as game changers: the power of healthy school meals combined with food education for every child in every school”.
  • 10 December, 15:00-16:00: The NetZeroCities project, in which ICLEI Europe is a partner, will host an event on “Holistic and Systemic Urban Transformation” at the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub (UGIH) Pavilion.

As a reminder, the times indicated above are in UTC+4 (for reference, that is three hours ahead of the local time in Brussels).

For more information, be sure to read the official LGMA Constituency’s position at: