10 May 2023

Unlocking investments to finance the circular transition

ICLEI Europe is pleased to announce two new opportunities for cities and regions to unleash their circular potential.

Transitioning to a circular economy is critical to achieving sustainability, and reducing strain on natural resources. Cities and regions can play a crucial role in this effort by closing material loops, and minimising both the use of resources and the generation of waste. However, finding adequate funding to implement circular economy projects remains a significant challenge.

ICLEI Europe has partnered with consultancies, research organisations, and funding institutions to help European cities and regions secure the financial resources they need to become more circular. Local and regional governments and associations, utilities, waste management organisations, and private project developers working in partnership with local authorities can all apply to receive project development assistance and increase their chances to attract investments. Applications must be submitted before the end of June 2023.

This project development assistance will be provided in the context of the two EU-funded projects CircularInvest and DEFINITE-CCRI, within which ICLEI Europe offers free, tailored consultancy services to the most promising circular economy ideas to make them more appealing to investors and secure investments. The services provided include the optimisation of the circular model, the development of a business plan and a fundraising strategy, and support with the due diligence process. In addition, beneficiaries will have the chance to pitch their projects to investors and participate in knowledge sharing events.

Both the CircularInvest and DEFINITE-CCRI projects are part of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI), launched by the European Union in support of the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan, and the bioeconomy strategy.

Apply before the end of June 2023 to get free project development assistance.

Further information on these projects and the application process can be found at: and