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7 June 2022

The crumbling foundation of urban life - cities must play a strong role in saving Europe’s soil ecosystems

Healthy soils are vital to life on earth itself, providing the foundation for biodiversity and food supply. Within the scope of the European Commisson's EU Soil Strategy for 2030, published November 2021, a new position paper by ICLEI explores this crucial framework, while acknowledging gaps in the ...

8 April 2022

ICLEI Members work across borders on measures for climate neutrality

Two ambitious ICLEI Member Cities in the United Kingdom – namely Hammersmith & Fulham London Borough (also referred to as H&F) and Bristol – have matched up with municipalities in Poland to work together to strategise on how to reach net zero emissions. Bristol City Council has ...

4 February 2022

ICLEI Action Fund subgrantee uses data to reduce air pollution in Copenhagen

Through the ICLEI Action Fund, Danish non-profit organisation Miljøpunkt Amager (MPA) harnessed environmental data, implementing pilots that reduce air pollution. The results were quantifiable: the pilots reduced fine particle pollution by up to 13 percent. The ICLEI Action Fund is a grantin...

22 January 2021

European cities sign the Green City Accord

ICLEI Members Lahti and Turku (Finland), Oslo (Norway), and Braga, Cascais, Guimaraes and Torres Vedras (Portugal) are among those who have signed the Green City Accord. In joining this European Commission initiative, they demonstrate their firm commitment to making their cities cleaner, healthier a...

22 October 2020

European Commission launches Green City Accord

From today on, the European Commission formally invites mayors in the European Union to join the Green City Accord, and to commit to higher ambition to make their cities cleaner, healthier and more resource-efficient by 2030. The Green City Accord, a new environmental initiative to improve air and ...