Bicycle Policy Audit

2006 - 2008
BYPAD is an instrument enabling municipalities to evaluate and improve the quality of their local cycling policy. The instrument is based on the methods of total quality management. Target groups in the current project BYPAD Platform (2006-2008) are regions (BYPAD-region) and small towns (BYPAD-local).
After BYPAD (from 1999), and BYPAD+, the current project BYPAD-Platform will span the years 2006-2008. BYPAD-Platform covers countries previously not in the project in Southern and Eastern Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Estonia) as well as new cities and regions in existing BYPAD countries. 65 European cities and 15 countries are using BYPAD so far. Another aim of the BYPAD Platform is to spread the use of BYPAD through training of BYPAD auditors, organising regional workshops & international seminars and developing a good practice database. If you wish to subscribe to the BYPAD newsletter, write a request to: