Clean Fleets Project

2012 - 2015

Clean Fleets was aimed at assisting public authorities and fleet operators to purchase clean and energy efficient vehicles, in line with the requirements of the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)

The CVD obliges public authorities and transport operators to take into account environmental factors when purchasing road vehicles, above a specific contract value (defined by the EU Public Procurement Directives) - specifically: energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, and other harmful pollutants (NOx, PMs, NMHCs) must be taken into account in tenders.

Clean Fleets developed a guide on procuring clean vehicles, together with an LCC tool (which incorporates a specific methodology for calculating the costs of environmental externalities as outlined in the CVD), a range of good practice examples, a set of policy recommendations, fact sheets and a report on clean bus technology options - all can be found on the project website.

The project involved the cities of Bremen, Freiburg, London, Palencia, Rotterdam, Sofia, Stockholm, Zagreb, as well as expert partners URTP, ISIS, TTR, and TÜV Nord.

Cofunded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the EU