Fostering the Acceleration of Sustainable Transport To Regions and Authorities through Capacity and Knowledge

2021 - 2023

FastTrack works with 24 local urban and peri-urban areas to help them accelerate their deployment of sustainable mobility innovations. Of these, 20 local authorities are ‘project affiliates’, while four are key ambassadorial partners. Furthermore, its work will revolve around four topical clusters, each led by a city ambassador.

What is innovative in one local area may be well-established in another. That is no problem for FastTrack: through knowledge-sharing, capacity-building events, and various research methods, the project will meet cities where they are, and support them all to ‘fast track’ their transition to sustainable transport. Each of the 24 FastTrack local areas will ultimately be supported in developing sustainable mobility deployment plans.

FastTrack sits under the umbrella of the CIVITAS Initiative.