Fostering SPP in Brazil

Fostering sustainable public procurement in Brazil (Fomentando Compras Públicas Sustentáveis no Brasil)

2007 - 2010
The project aims to implement sustainable public procurement (SPP) policies and measures in three pilot governments: State of São Paulo via the Secretary of Environment, State of Minas Gerais via the Secretary of Planning and the City of São Paulo via the Secretary of Environment. The project focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the governments as beacons of innovation and investment for sustainability.
The Sustainable Public Procurement project (CPS for Compras Públicas Sustentáveis in Portuguese) involves three major governments in Brazil in a pioneering experience to foster sustainable public procurement policies and measures within the administration in the City of São Paulo, and the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In its initial phase ICLEI has conducted planning, adaptation and framework activities to prepare partners and the pilot-governments to execute the project activities. The project partners have established the core group that will take the lead in implementing the project, the Working Group (GT), as well as the Steering Committee (CG), that includes project partners and government officials (decision makers and senior management), and the Multi-stakeholder Forum group (Forum CPS), with representatives from private sector, civil society and other levels of government. Also as part of the project, ICLEI's European Secretariat together with the ICLEI office in São Paolo (Brazil) have partnered to put together on a training course on how to carry out sustainable procurement in Brazil. The two-day training package will be developed specifically for the needs of local and regional governments in Brazil. The training session will be subsequently held in São Paolo for local governments.