Gaining Understanding of Improved Decision Making and Participating Strategies

2002 - 2004
The principal objective of this research project is to identify procedures and tools for improving decision-making in order to achieve sustainable mobility throughout the European Union.
Local and regional transport schemes represent large investments for society and have a significant impact on quality of life, health and the environment. GUIDEMAPS fits well in the European Commission’s approach of supporting the introduction of radical policy changes in urban transport, and adds clear value to the other activities supported in the framework of the CIVITAS initiative. Their design and successful implementation is therefore of major importance. The failure to win public support for more sustainable travel patterns has economic, social and environmental costs. GUIDEMAPS seeks to identify the barriers to successful decision taking and propose a set of guidelines and tools for overcoming them. It is envisaged that a handbook will comprise a general guide, with a series of detailed technical sheets or maps, giving details about how to apply a particular technique, or overcome a given barrier, in practice.