2023 - 2025

Climate change initiatives will be more effective when they reach all members of society, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups who are more at risk. Social justice is therefore becoming a core goal for cities tasked with the design and implementation of climate initiatives. Cities play an important role in facilitating social just climate action because they are the level of government most closely connected to citizens and policy implementation in practice.

The INCLU:DE project, implemented by ICLEI and supported by Stiftung Mercator, will guide German cities in their endeavours to create and implement just and inclusive climate actions. To this end, INCLU:DE will build on the learnings of the Urban Transitions Alliance and the 17 Keys for Sustainable and Just Cities from UrbanA, two pioneering projects aimed at strengthening social equity principles in designing climate and environmental interventions. The project goals are: (1) ensuring climate interventions include social equity considerations and benefits; (2) strategically aligning local climate and equity priorities; and (3) developing a methodology for scaling up just and inclusive climate action.

The cities of Bonn, Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg, and Dortmund have joined the INCLU:DE project to improve social justice considerations in their local climate initiatives (spanning different areas such as energy, mobility, housing and urban development). Collaboration with international frontrunner cities in the field of just and inclusive climate action will ensure that best practices can be mainstreamed across local governments.