LAREM Online

Local and Regional Energy Management Online Information Service

1997 - 2000
The project involved developing an online database to provide a central access point where experiences of local and regional energy agencies in Europe could be documented. It was designed to disseminate good examples of local and regional energy management to as wide an audience as possible. It is also used by local and regional energy agencies as well as other authorities to exchange experience, ideas and information.
In order to foster the exchange of experience and to enhance coordination between energy agencies and the international community, national, regional and urban activities, the European Commission has set up "accompanying actions and measures" which will facilitate such exchange and coordination. LAREM online enabled urban and regional energy agencies to meet their urban energy challenges by having access to a large volume of information on previously tried solutions to energy problems as well as being able to learn about the strategies which were used. The database also provided an implementation history of these previous projects, the resources required, partners involved and contact information. LAREM online was a searchable, user-friendly database available on the world-wide-web with accompanying guidance on the principles and key concepts of local energy management and relevant national and international policy documents. It provided a directory of e-mail contact addresses of local and regional energy agencies and a comments page for each case. LAREM online also acted as an interactive forum for exchange and discussion by the energy agencies.