Promotion of EU Ecolabel to public procurers

Raising awareness of the EU Ecolabel Brand amongst Procurement Practitioners in the Member States and promoting the use of the EU Ecolabel criteria throughout the procurement lifecycle

2008 - 2008
The project is directed towards both public purchasers and their regular suppliers and aims to raise awareness and promote the use of the EU Ecolabel criteria in public procurement, and throughout the supply chain. The project intends to support the ongoing work of the European Commission on the revisions of the EU Ecolabel Regulation and the EU Ecolabel scheme.
One of the main barriers to the wider implementation of GPP is the lack of knowledge and expertise amongst public procurers in how to set appropriate environmental requirements and goals in tendering, particularly in CEE. On the other side, for the European Ecolabel to be successful, private companies must be convinced of the business case of investing in product development and Ecolabel certification. The proposed project tasks are designed to address: a) The most appropriate means for raising awareness among potential suppliers to public authorities in the EU of the GPP agenda and the consequent advantages of obtaining European Ecolabel certification for their product ranges. b) The most appropriate means for raising knowledge and skills in the use of the EU Ecolabel by European public procurers and the potential use it could be for greening their procurement activities.