SPP Regions

Regional Networks for Sustainable Procurement

2015 - 2018

SPP Regions promoted the creation of regional networks of municipalities collaborating on the implementation of sustainable procurement. Seven regional networks were involved in the project:

  • Réseau Grand Ouest (RGO) in France
  • Barcelona region  - Xarxa de Ciutats i Pobles cap a la Sostenibilitat
  • Torino region - Acquisti Pubblici Ecologici (APE)
  • Bristol region - Partners in Procurement Energy Network (PIPEN) 
  • Bulgarian SPPI Network
  • Copenhagen Region
  • Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam and The Hague

The seven regional networks in the project launched 40 eco-innovative tenders, saving almost 400,000 tonnes of CO2, in the following sectors: food and catering, low emission vehicles, electicity/energy, energy use in buildings, indoor lighting.

The project also produced a series of best practice guides and reports on:

  • Life cycle costing
  • Market engagement
  • Circular procurement
  • Performance/output based specifications

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649718.