UPPER: Unleashing the Potential of Public Transport in Europe

2023 - 2026

UPPER aims to strengthen the role of public transport as the cornerstone of sustainable and innovative mobility. The project will implement a combination of measures looking to push people out of private cars and to pull them closer to public transport in cities across Europe.

At an operational level, UPPER will implement over 80 measures and act on five innovation models to positively influence users’ choices on the following:

  • Mindset and culture
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Mobility services ecosystem
  • Road network management
  • Democratics governance

The project will adopt an integrated and holistic approach to:

  • Ease the cooperation among authorities and operators
  • Offer a physical and digital environment to test the measures
  • Update the existing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)
  • Optimise the public transport offer, in line with user needs and patterns
  • Seek users’ involvement in the overall mobility decision chain
  • Encourage behavioural change in favour of public transport uptake
  • Achieve an attractive, efficient, reliable, safe, inclusive and affordable public transport system, as outlined in the Mobility as a Right (MaaR) concept