XENIOS- Developing an Audit Tool for Hotel Buildings and the promotion of RUE and RES

2002 - 2003
The aim of this project is the promotion of solar thermal applications in hotels, increasing awareness of the possibilities for using renewable energy sources installations promoting this to local authorities, hotels and their associations.
The XENIOS project is targeting the hotel sector in southern European countries of the Mediterranean basin as they rank as one of the highest users of energy in the building sector. These hotels tend to be located on islands where there is high seasonal energy use, high energy cost and low supply. The main objective of the XENIOS project is to develop a computer software tool that will undertake an audit of a building and an assessment of where and how to implement the most cost-effective energy efficient renovation practices and technologies. The hotel sector is also well placed to showcase examples of energy conservation techniques and provide the impetus for change within the tourist industry because of the number of people the industry impacts on, namely guests, staff, suppliers and the local community. Another aspect of the project is the dissemination of information which will include a practical guide for hotel managers on how to reduce energy consumption, brochures and audiovisual material on solar thermal systems and a short guide for hotel guests to reduce their use of energy as consumers.