Decision Making and Implementation Tools for Delivery of Local & Regional Bio-Energy Chains

2008 - 2011
The MAKE-IT-BE project dealt with bio-energy. Its objective was to increase the bioenergy share in regional energy portfolios and enhance communication between relevant stakeholders. Important actors in this field include rural bio-business, land and forest owners, waste companies, local governments, regional technological and energy research institutes, etc. Their involvement is needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of supply chains and end-use of bioenergy. Regional Bioenergy Partnerships are interesting examples that can be used to facilitate the development and delivery of regional bioenergy policy priorities, paving the way for the development and expansion of sustainable bioenergy supply chains across Europe. This project was co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme.
MAKE-IT-BE (running from 2008-2011) aims to support development and implementation of integrated bio-energy chains across Europe, through the creation and testing of enabling frameworks (decision-making tools and local partnerships). Through a combination of analysis and capacity building on bio-energy best practices, development and application of decision-making tools and interactive working with key stakeholders, the project will result in the definition of proper bio-energy agendas in four EU regions, namely Italy, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and Austria. These actions will aim to produce multiple positive effects: creating new businesses and jobs, new markets and services as well as new instruments to finance and support bio-energy chains at local level. Involvement of a multitude of actors in several Member/Accession states will raise awareness of the opportunities deriving from a sound, bottom-up bio-energy development, so as to foster replication of the action.